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Els meravellosos locus d’Archers Of Load de nou son noticia

Algun dia, diuen que trauran nou disc, i mentre no arriba, que segurament serem ja totes mortes, llencen aquest nou tema després de 22 anys de pensar-s’ho. Responsables de part de la història musical dels 90 amb quatre discos imprescindibles rasposos com una llima consumida, mantenen el seu particular pols bromista amb les afeccionades musiqueres.

Sobre Raleigh Days, Eric Bachmann ha explicat (soc incapaç de traduir de l’original i que tingui sentit): I built a birdhouse on the back of my van. The seeds of "Raleigh Days" were spit out of the circular opening on the front of this birdhouse by an angry cardinal. One day last summer, as we were barreling down the highway hell-bent for leather, this antagonistic little redbird stuck her head in through the back window and exclaimed, "Great songs often come out so easily that they practically write themselves. I tried to help you, but you idiots ruined it; and now you're going to have to finish it all by yourselves!" Then, in a white-hot flash, we smashed head-on at 130 mph into an 18-wheeler carrying a herd of giant elk. It was all blood, fire, fur, and feathers snowing down through that old familiar smell of boiling oil and scorched earth. Fortunately — after I regained consciousness — I was able to make guitar picks from some shards of elk antler I found scattered around the accident site. It wasn't planned per se, but it just kind of worked out that I used one of these picks to track my guitar part on "Raleigh Days," and I think it sounds pretty good’.

Han iniciat una gira que els portarà per diferents sales dels USA fins ben entrat l’estiu.

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